We will continue trusting God for disciples making disciples on
every team and athletic department in the Twin Cities

Welcome to the Night with the Gophers

Virtual Experience


START your virtual experience by watching the video below, featuring stories from Gopher QB Tanner Morgan, former Gopher Gaelin Elmore, Head Coach PJ and Heather Fleck, NFL Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy and Vikings QB Kirk Cousins
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Give to Athletes in Action in the Twin Cities


For the last nine years, the Night with the Gophers has been a critical part of our ministry year. This event allows us to celebrate God's work in the Twin Cities athletic community and to raise the funds needed for the ministry to continue the next year.

Through our new virtual experience, we are inviting you to make a generous financial gift by clicking on the button below. All gifts will go toward the operational needs (discipleship supplies, food for events, scholarships for students, staff training, ministry space, etc.) for our ministry on seven Twin Cities athletic departments next year. We are also excited to announce that in the fall of 2020 we will be moving into a new ministry/office space in Dinkytown at the U of M! This exciting move adds some new costs for furniture, supplies and signage.

Our faith goal is to raise the remaining amount of our financial needs for next year by July 31, 2020. You may consider a gift of $1,000, which would cover the costs to lead one discipleship group on campus for an entire year. 

In the wake of this pandemic, we expect the spiritual needs on campus next school year will be even greater. Know that your gift matters as we trust God to continue transforming the lives of students and coaches. 
We also have an option to give Within the Next 90 Days. With the unique season we are in, this type of gift might make most sense to you. We also have an option to give by check. If you would like to select either of these giving options, please email luke.middendorf@athletesinaction.org for more information. 

Hear from students in discipleship


Alex Woken

U of M Women's Hockey

It came to the humbling experience of tearing my ACL my freshman year of college to really dive into the Bible and see everything that God promises in His Word. Losing something that I loved so much (hockey), showed me what I needed so much more. And that was a relationship with the Lord. He renewed my joy and love for the game of hockey and He has given me an identity outside of hockey, being a daughter of the Mighty King.

Ryan Brauer

Hamline Baseball

Growing up I went to church every Sunday with my family. I knew a lot about God, but never actually had a relationship with Him. In college I got plugged into AIA and finally realized that I needed and wanted a personal relationship with Him. I accepted Christ into my life the beginning of my sophomore year. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, all that matters is what God says about me and who I am in Him. My identity is secure in Jesus Christ and nothing can change that!

Morgan Mangel

Augsburg Swimming

My freshman year at Augsburg was one of the toughest years... My world was crashing down on me and I knew something had to change... At the Ultimate Training Camp my small group leader presented the Gospel to me and taught me how I could have a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. I prayed to receive Jesus in that moment... I used to search for Jesus' love, but now I understand that He has always been there with open arms. I just needed to let Him in.

Bailee O'Reilly

U of M Wrestling

I never felt that I truly knew God or had a strong relationship with Him. It wasn’t until after I had experienced hardships and loss that I realized the importance of having a strong relationship with God. When I got to college and became involved with AIA, I began truly growing closer to God. With God's patience and support, I’ve been able to grow as a disciple and am excited to spread his Word to help engage others in discipleship. He’s truly changed my life.

Joshua Culliver

U of M Baseball

I was pretty much going through the motions spiritually until I got to college. That's when I found AIA, and AIA helped me develop a relationship with Christ. This made me truly get to know Christ, know why I love Him and know what He does for me everyday. When I think about my life right now, my love for Christ is through the roof. This is helping me find the purpose for my life. 

Snapshot of the AIA Twin Cities Ministry


Vision: We dream of a day when there are disciples making disciples on every team and athletic department in the Twin Cities.

Mission: Making disciples who make disciples

Partnership: Starting in the fall of 2018, our local AIA and FCA collegiate ministries began an official partnership to go after our vision and mission together. The purpose of our partnership is to glorify God by strategically leveraging resources and influence toward building Christ’s Kingdom on campus through athletes and coaches.

Staff Team: 13 AIA Staff and 4 FCA Staff (see a photo of our team below)

Disciples Involved: This year over 400 student athletes, coaches and recent grads have been discipled through the ministry on seven local campuses

Campuses with Discipleship: U of M, St. Cloud State, Augsburg, Hamline, St. Thomas, Macalester, Concordia St. Paul

What do we mean when we say "discipleship"? Being a disciple is a lot like being an apprentice. Scripture points us to become lifelong learners of Jesus. Our discipleship groups are a  small group of guys/girls who want to be learners of Jesus together. In his three years of public ministry, Jesus drew His disciples closer, loved them, but also gave them the opportunity to accept the responsibilities of discipleship. Jesus calls every disciple to disciple others. (Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:2) 

AIA/FCA Twin Cities has adopted this mission as our mission statement: making disciples who make disciples. A discipleship group is a place for disciples to become more like Christ as they grow in relationship with him, with the end goal that they would one day multiply their lives into others. 
More Ways to Connect with AIA
Hear Student Testimonies

On Sunday, April 5th, we hosted a live virtual event for students to share stories of Jesus impacting their lives, called Virtual Training Table. Click HERE to watch the recording of our Youtube Live video.

Sign Up to Pray

We are calling the people of God to come alongside our staff and student leaders on campuses across the Twin Cities by covering each team and athletic department in prayer. Click HERE to sign up to pray for a local athletic team. 

Before you complete your virtual experience, please take a moment to consider how God is calling you to RESPOND:

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If you would prefer to give Within the Next 90 Days or Give by Check, please email luke.middendorf@athletesinaction.org.
A special thank you goes out to our AIA Advisory Team and the Night with the Gophers Host Committee. This event would not be possible without your support, prayers, hard work and dedication to the ministry! Thank you. 
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